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The values for each location can be determined by its history, Heritage, cultural wealth and citizens. In this sense Alcalá de Henares was and still is a city that history has given special prominence. From the Roman Complutum to the Moslem city, as well as the university city of Cardinal Cisneros and the place where Miguel de Cervantes was born, Alcalá has always been an intellectual icon and a place of coexistence. Not to mention the great heritage we can enjoy every day.

As you well know, it is difficult to sum up such history in just simple words. That's why I invite you all to discover our city and monuments. But, above all, I want you to go into this unique cultural life available every time of year.

I give you the opportunity to know and enjoy, thanks to this site, our city of Arts and Letters, capital of the Spanish language and a place declared World Heritage City by UNESCO, example of hospitality an cultural wealth that everyone should discover.

Bartolomé González Jiménez
Mayor of Alcalá de Henares

Getting there

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Plaza de Cervantes, 12

28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)


91 888 33 00

  • Plaza de Cervantes 12. 28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Telephone: 91 888 33 00
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